Stubbs Farm Alpacas

Stubbs Farm is currently home to 30-40 alpacas in Loddon, Norfolk, UK. 
We  absolutely love the beauty and individuality of each animal we own, and to be able to watch them in their daily lives is such a joy!
We would love for you to fall in love with alpacas too. Please browse our website to find out all the ways in which you can meet them!
We are keen to see the continued improvement of quality within the national herd and therefore we will aim to make informed breeding choices in an effort to improve the quality of our own animals and any future offspring.

​Visiting Stubbs Farm

We would love it if you would come and visit us to meet the alpacas! 
Please note that any visit requires booking in advance.
It's great for special events such as birthdays, a team building exercise or even just a fun day out with family and friends. Find out below what we offer.
Alpaca Experiences

Meet and Greet Alpaca Experience:

Most suitable for all ages. Minimum booking size 2 people.
Price: £15 per head. Under fives free.

With this two hour experience, you will have the chance to come and meet
the alpacas up close. You'll be able to feed them, stroke them, take as 
many selfies as you want and get to know all about your new fluffy friends!
Great if you want to fully interact with them but limited on time. 

Alpaca Experience with Picnic (BYO):

                      Most suitable for all ages. Minimum booking size: 2 people.

                      Price: £25 per head. Under fives free.
                      This experience typically runs for 2 and a half hours.
                      You will have the opportunity to come and meet the alpacas up close,
                      feed them, take photos with them and make some new fluffy friends!
                      You will spend the last hour of your visit by  having a picnic with the alpacas in                              their paddocks with them. This gives you a chance to watch them whilst you relax                        (we shall leave you alone at this point!). A great way of watching what they get up 
                     to when left to their own devices.  We do ask you bring your own food and drinks                       and all rubbish is either put in our bins or taken home with you! It's very                                         important  that you don't feed them human food so we will give you alpaca-                                 friendly snacks that you are welcome to give them so they can join you on your                           picnic! 
                     Don't worry though - they will not steal food from you! Picnics with the alpacas
                     are incredibly peaceful!

                     We run these all year round, in the colder weather we are happy to offer hot

                     *You can still book this option even if you don't want to actually eat here, but the
                      price will remain £25p/p.

Alpaca Experience with Alpaca Walk:

                       Suitable for those aged 10 and over.

                       Price: £25 per person.

                     You will have the same opportunities as mentioned above but instead of the

                     picnic (after the meet and greet),  your group will get to take the alpacas on a walk                       around the farm for 30- 40 minutes. It is a great way to have some one-on-one                            time with certain alpacas  and a fantastic opportunity for that perfect selfie!                            
                    This experience often runs for 2 and a half hours.

                       *In special cases we can arrange to have younger children walk the alpacas but
                        this will have a different set up so age of children absolutely needs to be
                       discussed at point of booking so we know in advance!

              Alpaca Experience with Alpaca Walk and Picnic

                      If you well and truly want to make a day of it, you are more than welcome to do                          the meet and greet,  the walk and enjoy a picnic afterwards! We shall still give you                        the full length 
                      walk and the full hour for the picnic if you want it. 
                      Price: £30 per person.

*All our timings of the experiences are based off maximum allowance at the farm. We have
 had people that are happy to do it all in 2 hours, for example. You're paying for your time here so make of it what you will! 


Please note that they are not dangerous animals but a disrespectful attitude towards them may result in a spit or a slight kick. We do not accept responsibility for any injury caused as we will tell you upon arrival how to approach the animals in order to prevent anything like this from happening,

** Picnic food should be provided by you.

To find out further information, to check availability or make a booking please contact Lucy either at 07881595599 or

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!