Stubbs Farm Alpacas

Stubbs Farm is currently home to 30-40 alpacas in Loddon, Norfolk, UK. 
We  absolutely love the beauty and individuality of each animal we own, and to be able to watch them in their daily lives is such a joy!
We would love for you to fall in love with alpacas too. Please browse our website to find out all the ways in which you can meet them!
We are keen to see the continued improvement of quality within the national herd and therefore we will aim to make informed breeding choices in an effort to improve the quality of our own animals and any future offspring.

Adopt an alpaca
Making a unique gift, either to yourself or a friend/family member, our adoption options are a great way to learn more about specific alpacas, follow their journey and find out more about what goes on behind the scenes of the farm. Most of our adoption packages give you the chance to meet your adoptee at varying levels of reduced rates. We love every single one of our alpacas and hope that you do too, therefore each one is available for adoption.

Find out prices and who we have available below!

1. Level One Adoption £30 one off payment: Receive a printed photo and certificate of adoption of chosen alpaca. Quartely updates of your adopted alpaca by way of exclusive photos, videos and text information. Be in the loop of pregnant females aound their due dates and be one of the first to know about any new cria. Please note that this adoption package does not grant you free entry to visit your alpaca;  refer to our Experience Days page to view admission rates.

2. Level Two Adoption £60 one off payment: Receive a printed photo and certificate of adoption. Quarterly updates of your adopted alpaca by way of exclusive photos, videos and text information. Be in the loop of pregnant females around their due dates and be one of the first to know about any new cria.  Receive an end of year summary of your alpaca to show a 'year in the life'. Free entry for two to an Alpaca Experience Day (any additional accompanying visitors will be charged at normal rates) and meet your adoptee up close.  Please note that any subsequent visits to the farm will be charged at normal rates as well.

2. Level Three Adoption £110 one off payment: Receive a printed photo and certificate of adoption. Quarterly updates of your adopted alpaca by way of exlusive photos, videos and text information. Be in the loop of pregnant females around their due dates and be one of the first to know about any new cria. Free entry for two to an Alpaca Experience Day (any additional visitors will be charged at the normal rate) and  20% off total visit price to come and meet the newborn cria on a separate occasion (not to be used in conjunction with the Alpaca Experience Day offer). Receive a personalised photobook at the end of the adoption year featuring photos of your adopted alpaca and to include any photos you have with them as well. If you adopt a pregnant female, updates about their cria (once born) will also be included until they are weaned at 6 months.

If you have any questions, require further explaination or would like to adopt any of the alpacas, please get in touch at 

Below is a full list of all our alpacas, enjoy reading about them!
  1. Allegra
    Allegra is one of our most cheeky alpacas. She is constantly dirty, constantly greedy and constantly great fun. She consistently makes us laugh. Has recently discovered her (huge) love for carrots (and all feed really). Big girl now with a big personality to boot! Best pals with Amara, daughter of Ember and Almo.
  2. Almo
    Almo is the most confident boy we have. From the first second of his arrival he treated us like he'd known us his whole life. Big fan of food, really big fan. He's super friendly and does the most amazing trot when you take him for a walk. Has ears to die for and father of Allegra.
  1. Amara
    Amara is our golden girl. Has a face that makes everyone want to cry, has the sweetest temperament and often walks around as if always daydreaming. Has the cutest knees we have ever seen, best pals with Allegra, loves to graze with Annie and fancies Arthur. Daughter of Galina and the two of them are so similar it is uncanny.
  2. Annie
    Annie could easily be described as a bull in a china shop. She does not do anything with grace, she is loud and proud. She wrestles with the boys and wins. Prefers wearing her food to eating it.. Already considers herself an adult, not afraid of the grown ups and is very protective of her friends! Daughter of Molly, unsurprisingly.
  1. Aphro
    Aphro is one of our eldest alpacas and even so is wise beyond her years. She is our only alpaca that knows how to open gates with her feet. Gives off the vibe that she knows everything, we would follow Aphro into battle. In her down time though, she can often be found licking our fences (we still don't understand) or giving us the old side eye. She is very good at the side eye.
  2. Ariel
    The alpaca that started off our crazy SFA adventure. He's beautiful and he knows it. Ariel gets very, very excited at dinner time. Do not come between Ariel and his food. Would for all intents and purposes make for a good stud male, except he has zero interest in females. Best friends with Zack (but Zack is unlikely to say that about Ariel).
  1. Arthur
    Our first ever cria to be born at Stubbs Farm. He's special and he knows it. Arthur is the most lovable creature on the planet, he is very friendly and will always come and say hello. He loves attention, he loves cuddles and he especially loves carrots. Even orange buckets that look like large carrots. Best friends with Lionel and Larry and son of Fortuna. Always a hit with the crowd.
  2. Blizzard
    Blizzard is a giant. We think there's a chance he could the be the world's biggest alpaca (based on our 20 alpacas). We believe he will soon become a point of interest. One big friendly giant.. Friendly and greedy as heck. Never ever involves himself with drama, makes quite a big point of avoiding it. Very good to hug in the colder months.
  1. Brooklyn
    Our most hyperactive alpaca. Will forever be a baby. She can often be found winding up everyone, sneaking up on all the babies and all the adult females. Always is first in the queue at feeding times, mostly because she runs as fast as she can to make sure she is. Gets very very excited over the little things; seeing a dog, changing paddock, a new cria. Not easy to photograph as she never stands still. Our only black female at present and she is beautiful. Does have a face buried in there, beneath ridiculous layers of fleece.
  2. Ember
    Ember is a fantastic mother first and foremost. Her milk supply could feed the world. Credit to her. Ember is beautiful, the epitome of grace. Obsessed with running water, and therefore always dirty. The girls did have a paddling pool once, but Ember got it taken away as she kept using it as a personal toilet. Is the only one who can control Brooklyn, actually quite impressive. Mother to Allegra.
  1. Explorer
    Exlorer is one of our two Suri at the farm - the other breed of alpaca. He is the happiest boy on the planet, loves it when people wear bobble hats. He loves attention, kisses and carrots. In that order! He has a smile that makes you smile back. Best friends with Denzy and Larry
  1. Denzyl
    Denzyl is one of our two Suri at the farm - the other breed of alpaca. He is so, so friendly and loves to come up for cuddles. He's very cute and very funny, an absolute charmer. Big personality and lets you know it!
  1. Fortuna
    Oh Fortuna... our best all rounder. Fantastic in every single way, she ticks every box. Great mother, great temperament, easy birther, huge milk supplier, best at being handled, no fuss during toe nail trimming, runs for her dinner. Gets on with everyone. She is just 'that girl'. If I could be an alpaca, it would be Fortuna. Mother of Arthur.
  2. Galina
    The cutest girl ever. Has the nicest smile and the most charismatic expression. Shy at first but is gaining in confidence every day. She is so friendly, and is very easy to handle we have an unlimited amount of love for her. She was a first time mother this year, to little Amara, and has learnt so much since then and it really helped improve our bond with her and she trusts us completely to handle her cria. Our original golden girl and so, so cuddly. Best pals with Fortuna but gets on with everyone. Wouldn't hurt a fly. We love her!
  1. Joseph
    Joseph is great. It is hard to look at him and not be charmed, he's a ladies man for both humans and alpacas alike. A very good looking boy but totally doesn't know it. He is very easy to win over with food, loves to roll in dirt and really likes having the hose pipe spray on his bottom (not his feet, legs or anywhere else, only his bottom), so much so that he does a little dance every time you do it for him. Very amusing!
  2. Liberty
    When not pregnant, Liberty is the most friendly and cuddly female we own. When pregnant, it is generally better to leave Libs to her own devices. She basically does what she wants. She is very protective of any unborn cria and we respect that! She is still friendly, and will still happily eat from your hand, it's just she is not so keen for hugs. She is very, very cute and is one of our most clumsy alpacas and we say that with nothing but love.
  1. Larry
    Larry is one unique and good looking young man! He has an absolutely gorgeous fleece and beautiful eyes. He won't be used for breeding here at Stubbs Farm but he is on our walking team which he very much loves. Shy at first but growing in confidence every day. He absolutely loves to run around the paddock and when he thinks no one is looking, he gets up to a lot of mischief with his buddies Lionel and Explorer.
  2. Lionel
    Lionel is almost too cute to handle. He has an absolutely wonderful personality, is very inquisitive and hyper all the time. He love love loves feed time and really loves his pals Arthur and Larry. He is on our walking team and is a joy to work with! Can be found running around trying to get our adult boys attention as much as he can
  1. Marcellus
    Our resident teddy bear. Pretends he is tough but he is not. Is very well behaved and always keen for a treat. He is one of our more unique alpacas in that his eyes are coloured and he has knocked knees. Whilst an undesirable breeding trait, he makes it look so cute. He is an absolute hose pipe hog and will deliberately block the other boys from getting wet. Our only boy who drinks directly from the hose. Really loves water.
  2. Miranda
    Miranda will be the first alpaca to win a 'Next Top Model' competition. She is gorgeous and has eyelashes you can't help but be jealous of! She is chubby and try as we might, cannot get her to shed a pound and is 100% our biggest drama queen. We could not hold her any more dearly in our hearts though
  1. Molly
    Molly makes us laugh. Sometimes you just have to look at her and it's all it takes. Also one of our eldest (actually shares a birthday with Aphro) Molly is the matriarch. She does not run, takes her sweet time, she is the greediest female in the group. She is very independent and doesn't rely on us for anything, she is tiny but has a huge personality (which she does not let you forget!). She has the cutest white beard and makes the grumpiest noises. She is most likely to get her head stuck in a bucket (twice now, none of the other alpacas have achieved this even once). Mother to Annie.
  2. Outlaw
    Outlaw is a big fluffy baby at three years old, and is, in all honesty, at the bottom of the social hierarchy of the boys group. However, he is absolutely adorable, he likes to sing and play in water. He especially loves it when you get his feet wet, it really makes him happy. We think he is part lamb, part alpaca. He has the silliest expression you'll ever see and he is by far the gassiest animal we have ever come across. Best pals with Razzy and Blizzard
  1. Razzy (Razzle Dazzle)
    Razzy (Razzle Dazzle)
    Razzy is a very happy, friendly boy who is well behaved. He does not like carrots. He is a big fan of apple though. He often reminds us of a puppy, he's playful and has the energy of one. He is also a big lover of water, and runs as fast as he can to come play in the hose pipe. Does a little dance for us as well when he gets wet. Is very lovely to watch. He is a cool cucumber except when it comes to small white dogs, they really really confuse him (but really amuses us!)
  2. Zachary
    Zack is a big boy and is in charge. He leads with love though, as he's one of the nicest mannered alpacas we've come across. He's quiet, and polite and charming. He is the definition of majestic. He also has the cutest ears which often flop in different directions and we love it! Is very patient with Ariel and lets him follow him around, we think that's very cool. He's also so ridiculously black, like really hard to photograph black as his features rarely show up on camera. He is absolutely not a fan of water, but is a huge lover of dirt, food and taking 10 years on the toilet.
  1. Banjo
    Banjo is the definition of pure joy. He is such a sweet boy, with the nicest most gentle temperament. He's very good to cuddle. Brooklyn's first ever baby and we're so in love with him!
  2. Bonnie
    Bonnie is very shy, very sweet and takes her time in getting to know you. It is so worth it when you give her the chance though as she's an absolutely beautiful girl. Inside and out!